Promises for the Future


"In the event of coming to power, I will build a modern and garbage free Sarvagana Nagar Constituency"

I, Padmanabha Reddy only and will do what I promise.

  • Free houses for the needy will be built.
  • Asphalting and Concreting of all the roads will be undertaken.
  • Promise to solve the traffic problems in Hennur Main Road, Banaswadi Main Road & IOC Flyover to ensure smooth movement of vehicles even during peak hours.
  • Cauvery water supply and UGD system for the remaining part of the Sarvagana Nagar Constituency.
  • Construction of Sree Shakti Bhavans to empower women of the area.
  • Development of the remaining Parks in the area.
  • Effluent water treatment  plant
  • Development of  lakes in Sarvagna Nagar Constituency.
  • A State-of-Art Stadium for the youth
  • Establishment of Training Centers  to enable the unemployed youth to be employed.
  • Free primary health centers will be set up under the Right to Health Act.
  • Comprehensive program for Maternal Health and Infant Health will be provided in the Area.
  • Footpaths will be laid in the entire Constituency.
  • Garbage problem will be taken care of to a great extent, by regular collection of door to door trash. Also segregation centers will be opened for the same.
  • Setting up community kitchens, in extremely impoverished areas with the help of NGOs through shared funding.
  • Ensure public Safety and Security.
  • Ensure that the Government will work on equal growth on all sections of the society.
  • Ensure that all the Government schemes that come our way are utilised for the benefit of people. Also assure that these schemes are monitored properly.

Padmanabha  Reddy