About BJP

Bharatiya Janata Party is today the most prominent member of the family of organizations known as the "Sangh Parivar". And RSS has always been dubbed "communal", "reactionary" and what not by its detractors. Sanghs of swayamsevaks have of course always shaken off that criticism like so much water off a duck's back. They have never had any doubt that the organization is wedded to national unity, national integrity, national identity and national strength through individual character and national character. And today this organization is poised for a great leap forward. Even its long- time detractors think and say that now BJP is "unstoppable”. What is the story of this national epic?

BJP Philosophy : Hindutva (Cultural Nationalism)

Hindutva or Cultural Nationalism presents the BJP's conception of Indian nationhood, as explained in the following set of articles. It must be noted that Hindutva is a nationalist, and not a religious or theocratic, concept.

  • "Hinduism and Hindutva: What the Supreme Court Says ?"  by Jagmohan
  • Hindutva: The Great Nationalist Ideology
  • "Give us this day our sense of Mission" by M.V. Kamath
  • REVIEW : 'Klaus Klostermaier- On the Ethos and the Future of Hinduism' by Shri Ashok Chowgule
  • "The Hindutva Judgements: The Distance that Remains" by Arun Shourie
  • The Eternal Religion's defining movement in time
  • ESSAY: "Semitic Monotheism -The Root Of Intolerance In India by S. Gurumurthy
  • Subhas Chandra Bose as a mascot of Hindutva

The BJP is deeply committed to strengthening India's democracy and to making its institutions more effective in fulfilling the aspirations of our people. We are proud that our Party has nurtured the best traditions of internal democracy in India's political class. In the years to come, we shall continue to broaden the interaction between the Party organization and the people, between the people and their elected representatives, and between the Party and the Government to make governance more dynamic, more responsive and more responsible.

The BJP is proud of its commitment to the philosophy of Integral Humanism, as enunciated by Pandit Deendayal Upadhyaya. We believe that development cannot be measured by economic indicators alone. Development must be holistic. It must fulfill the material and non-material needs of all individuals and promote a symbiotic relationship between the individual and society, in which the individual works for society, and society, in turn, cares for the individual. Development must also keep in mind environmental concerns, local and community traditions, and the quality of life.

The BJP believes that economic progress should not be at the cost of family values. The family constitutes the social unit of stability, welfare, and continuity of cultural traditions. Its importance can never be undermined. Integral Humanism teaches us that our nation too is a family and that India itself is a part of the larger human family.

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